Baby Naming Ceremony, Baby Blessing Ceremony, Naming Ceremony, Naming Day Ceremony

Peace of the running water to you
Peace of the flowing air to you
Peace of the quiet earth to you
Peace of the shining stars to you

Celtic Blessing

Naming a child is not only a very special occasion but a huge responsibility.  The name we are given can shape the child we are and the adult we will become.  Michelle Taylor suggests;

"A child's name once given, will be spoken and written thousands of times, say it with love always".  

Naming Ceremony, Naming Day Ceremony, Baby Blessing,
Baby Blessing, Naming Ceremony, Naming Day Ceremony, Family ceremony, Family celebration, Godparents, Guardian Parents,

A naming ceremony embraces all your family and friends. It can be arranged when the child is any age, but traditionally celebrations are held before they are a year old.

A typical ceremony will include:

  • Your Child’s story
  • Your Family story
  • Parental commitments
  • Appointment of supporting adults (God or Guardian parents)
  • Grandparents commitments
  • Naming and Joint commitments
  • Rituals, readings, poems and music of your choice

Personalising your ceremony may include:

  • Giving meaningful gifts
  • Blessing with oil and water
  • Blessings from the four elements
  • Lighting candles
  • Poems, readings, music and songs
  • Creating a timecapsule
  • Naming book or Wish tree
  • Signing Certificate or photograph
  • Planting a tree
  • Letting go balloons or doves

To make your child's naming celebration special, please ring or email me.

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