‘Now you will feel no rain, for each will shelter the other. Now you will feel no cold, for each will warm the other. Now you will feel no solitude, for each will company the other. Now you are two persons, but both will lead one life’.
(Extract from Native American poem)

‘Tying the knot’ is a term we have inherited to describe the joining of a couple in marriage. Its roots can be found in the ancient Celtic and Pagan traditions of handfasting, symbolising the joining of two people as one. People holding hands with each other is in itself a sign of unity, using a ribbon or twine to bind these two hands is symbolic of the mutual bond of love and commitment being made to each other.

Handfasting is a beautiful alternative, or an addition to a traditional wedding. It can be used as a vow renewal ritual or to tie our children into our lives during a naming day ceremony.


The ceremony follows an ancient tradition which includes welcoming the guests, prayers and blessings, poems and music, tying of hands and vows. I invite you to write your own vows; with my help if you prefer.  A more eclectic ceremony draws on other traditions; such as the exchange of gold rings, father’s blessing, mother’s rose, ring warming, cup of life, unity candle, family medallion and jumping the broomstick.  These are just a few of the rituals that can be included in any ceremony.

Each ritual is symbolic, for example the broomstick is used to sweep away negativity from the home and heart.  Jumping the broomstick symbolises the effort a couple must share, leaving their single lives behind them to move forward united in a new life together.  



Where and when to hold this sacred ceremony is important. Venues may include your own garden, a marquee, a hotel, a decorated barn, a field, woodland site, by a lake or loch, on a mountainside, on a beach or within a stonecircle.  Please note, we have several wonderful stonecircles in Cumbria including those at Castlerigg and Kinniside.  Wherever and whenever you choose, will be right for you.

Handfastings are by nature inclusive.  Same sex partnerships and marriage are catered for beautifully within this ceremony.  Please call or email for further details.


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